The QR Code Widget

What is that white box with the black pattern in it anyway?

That is one of the best ways to share information with people and create some measurable interaction with your audience. These white boxes with the black box patterns in it are called QR Codes. They are patterns that store information and can be shared with people to their smart phones. To use the QR Code widget, follow the steps below:

  1. Drag-and-drop the QR Code widget out onto your designs. This will automatically open the control panel below.
  2. Enter the information you want to share into the control panel. You will notice that there are a wide variety of categories of information that you can share. Each tab at the top of the control panel will assist with sharing the information you want.
  3. You will notice that there is a field for “File name:” at the bottom of the control panel. This will allow you to name the QR Code image that is created for later use. The image will show up in your Media library.
  4. Click “Create” and your QR Code will show up on your design. Position and scale it to your need. Make sure that it will be visible to your audience and large enough for their smart phone camera to read the information.