My Display Won’t Update

What’s Going On? I Can’t Get My Display To Update!

There are a few things that can cause your screens not to update.  Follow these steps and see if that helps:

  1. Make sure you have published your changes by pushing the green “PUBLISH” button in the upper right hand corner of SmarterSign Manager. Once your publish is complete, the button should turn grey.
  2. Make sure the Programs you have edited are actually scheduled for playback. You can check this by clicking on the thumbnail of the design in the PROGRAMS tab and click “Check Schedule”. If the content is not scheduled, then you can put it on a schedule under the SCHEDULES tab.
  3. Make sure your digital signage player computer has an Internet connection. To do this, connect a mouse and keyboard to the digital signage player computer and click “esc” to exit out of the SmarterSign Player software.  You should be on the Windows desktop. Open up Internet Explorer and make sure that you can browse to the Internet.  If you can’t, you will need to get the computer reconnected to the Internet. Windows has some help functions to assist.

Once you have reconnected to the Internet, restart the SmarterSign Player software.

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