Drag-and-Drop Widgets

Drag-and-Drop Your Way to Beautiful Designs

Creating beautiful designs is easy with the SmarterSign drag-and-drop design widgets. These widgets provide an easy way to add all types of content and functionality to your designs. Simply drag any of the widgets out onto your design and start getting creative.

The following is a list of widgets and the functionality they provide. Click on the title of any widget to find out more about how to use it.

Text Widget This widget will allow you to add any text to your design. When you are editing text you can change the typeface, styles, colors and more.

List Widget This widget will allow you to quickly create and edit list information such as menu, schedules and more.

Slide Show Widget The Slide Show widget will allow you to create animated sequences within your designs with a wide range of animated transitions.

SmartMedia Widget SmartMedia will allow you to create a drag-and-drop container that will automatically scale, constrain, crop and rotate any asset you drop on top of it.

Time and Date Widgets Add time and date in a variety of formats. Any variation of date and time you can think of is available with a click of a mouse.

QR Code Widget With this widget you can create QR Codes directly in the SmarterSign system. You can also save these QR Codes for later use.

Shape Widgets These widgets offer a variety of shapes that can be used as part of your design.

Live Feed Widgets These widgets will allow you to add live data feeds to your designs, including weather, stocks, twitter, RSS and more.

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